Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blog Mis-Use

Hello All.

This Blog will be ending within 24 hours. We had hoped to leave open this line of update for friends and family but now we will struggle with the network and try to communicate to you all on regular email.

I appologize for the information last posted here by Deke. I can assure you that is not all accurate. It was written in a time of high emotion. Please e-mail me if you have questions or concerns or want to vent on me. No problem. I am open to it all. I do not feel that a world-wide blog is where sensitive family issues should be vented. It puts us all in danger.

The kids and I are here in Kitgum. We are all well and having a nice Sunday. Church was nice this morning, we had a dry-season rare sprinkle last night so the place is nice. Nancy is napping and when she wakes we will have popcorn and go for a walk. A friend here will take the kids swimming later at a hotel here.

So, Keep in touch. My phone broke, so email me your contact information too if you want an occassional text message or for me to recognize when you contact me. Phoning is very expensive. Thanks, Erryn